Our Online Programs are one month and you can continue as long as you’d like, no subscription.

For Online Training Clients:

  1. You will need two sets of dumbbells (5-12lbs) and (12-20)
  2. All workouts can be done at home or in a gym, are a mix of strength and cardio (for maximum fat burn) and are 20-40 minutes each
  3. Workout clients are assigned 4 app workouts and 2 steady state cardio, workout of choice or rest days
  4. Workouts come in an app that downloads to your phone with videos of us demonstrating all exercises
  5. Clients doing workouts and macro coaching have weekly check-ins. Workout only clients have monthly check-ins

For Macro Coaching:

You will receive a tailored Macro Plan with lots of helpful information and education to make things easier for you. A Macro Plan is a flexible diet that helps you lose weight without feeling restricted. You will track macronutrients: Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates that we give you based on your lifestyle, body type and activity levels.

Join us on a journey to finding not just a new physical shape, but to finding the real You.

Mauricio Flor


Mauricio Flor has worked in the fitness industry for over two decades. Mauricio traveled and eventually settled and established his business in California. Mauricio started his work at the YMCA where he discovered his passion for fitness, health and building a community. He then worked in clinical settings where he developed extensive knowledge in fitness and conditioning, rehabilitation/recovery and massage therapy. As Mauricio was working towards his BA In Kinesiology he was pursuing his passion for sports, travel and the outdoors by way of running marathons, practicing martial arts and exploring recreational activities. He has worked with clients of all ages and walks of life. Mauricio built his business with a core belief in finding balance. Mauricio helps his clients enjoy the process of achieving their life goals and becoming better athletes. He developed his fitness company, South Bay Body, through which he offers a variety of fitness programs as well as massage and regimens developed specifically for athletes. He gives people with different walks of life the results they are looking for. Mauricio met Katie when they worked together at the same fitness facility. They were married and are now partners in business and in life.

Katie Mackelvey


Katie likes to push the fitness envelope. She is constantly striving to better herself, and she enjoys passing the discoveries she makes along to her clients. Katie started her career as a young adult working for a government agency. When she discovered fitness as a means to live a more joyful life, she decided to pursue it as a career path as well. Katie first started to teach group fitness classes back in 1997. A quick learner, she has been a teacher of many methodologies including: Martial Arts, Indoor Cycling, Barre, TRX circuit, Strength and Conditioning, and Pre and Post-Natal classes as well. It was when Katie became a Certified Personal Trainer that she discovered a passion for helping people (particularly women) achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals. Through her own life experiences Katie relates to the challenges women face with body image and weight loss. Katie teaches her clients how to listen to and take care of their bodies through both fitness and nutrition. She enjoys coming alongside her clients and partnering with them on their journey to breaking down obstacles and improve their overall health and wellness over time.